note to self (ignore if pissed)

  • write a post.
  • be extra friendly.
  • smile to the world.
  • read more. and when i say more, like millions.
  • kill. .. them with kindness. (i’m not finish, you know! *smirks*)
  • don’t look at elders. (it will soften your heart)
  • say ‘thank you’ and always mean it.
  • always, always, always listen to the answer of your question: how are you?
  • butt in chair. start writing.
  • do the tumblr thing. scroll and scroll.
  • ignore facebook.
  • be kind.
  • see good in things.
  • go to the bookstore when you’re in the mall.
  • say ‘amazing’ and mean it.
  • eat and be happy after.
  • sleep at 12 am.(am i gonna achieve this? it’s too early)
  • meet and befriend an agent. he might help you publish your book in the future.
  • be patient to your parents.
  • always checkĀ manga updates.
  • always watch anime updates.
  • sometimes, you don’t have to panic.
  • do the dougie. lol
  • save for a vacation flight.
  • save a life.
  • say ‘tell me more..’
  • pray. nothing beats it.
  • did i say, pray?
  • say ‘no’ sometimes.
  • don’t care sometimes.
  • exercise.(this makes this list going into impossibilities..)
  • stop. look. run.
  • if Mr. right comes, hug him and don’t fret.
  • if Mr. wrong comes, still.. don’t fret. you’ll know.
  • more notes to come, so be patient. lol
  • i'm checkin' these blogs.

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