we had this beautiful day two days ago when we bought some flowers for summer. we were so inlove with those roses and violets so i thought i had to have their pictures taken!

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i love seeing plants and trees always. It always keeps me at ease and comfortable when I’m looking at them.

it was so hot today i have this thick fold of paper to keep me cool. This spring to summer weather change is driving me crazy! anyways.. here are some of my tips to keep you cool at summer!

  • always, always keep yourself dehydrated. Grab a bottle of water, bring it with you.
  • take a bath. it will always be the best thing to do. It will keep you freshen up.
  • don’t forget to apply moisturizer . The skin quickly dries few hours after you apply, so reapply!
  • appreciate the sun, but don’t get to caught up under it. the possibility of having skin cancer is high specially to some tropical countries.
  • keep your windows open. allow good wind flows inside the house.
  • buy some flowers and plants. it will be better if you choose some air purifier plants like Neanthe Bella Palm plant.(at my slideshow)

happy summahhh!!