it’s time again for our. . *charannn* ‘the eight’ things!  And don’t fret The hunger games fans, it’s your time!(maybe the haters too.. hohoo)

  • “That’s mahogany!”, says Effie. – that’s why it wouldn’t break easily, E. Calm down, you got a scratch on your index.
  • “Thank you, Lionsgate!”, said Peeta fans.
  • “I hate twilight, i hate twilight, i hate twilight!” waahhhhhhhhhhh, said every hater. – urgh… you might wanna watch movies or read books more.. 😉
  • Rue: So is all that stuff true?

           Katniss: What?

Rue: You and him? 

Katniss: *smiles*

  • hmm.. archery, where can i learn that? pretty cool.
  • reader: shit, mockingjay is not from that old that even Greasy Sae?
            non reader: ow.. so that’s how it is.., wait, what? Who’s greasy?
  • ow.. i sense some accent there Liam.. i’m watchin’ you..huh..huh.. *points to eyes* (lol)
  • the end.. *uhuhuhuh, malayf, it sucks.. malayf.. -crawls and clenches inside the blanket*

*ehehe… crazy me.

Bravo, Yankee, Echo!