and you better be poised saying that. With a narcissistic look and it’s stylish and normal around Capitol, Effie’s been so damn funny during the course of scenes rolling as other the hunger games fans keep their heart beating slow or even worst-a hard fan’s heart stop when some of the scenes are seriously building. Together with Haymitch, they are inseparable in terms of keeping the whole movie maintain it’s magic to awe and tickle fans even if most of the movie maniacs actually read the books 3 years ago.

I, together with my two sisters got really good seats at 7 pm showing and surprised myself how night movie showings makes me a lot serious about the movie. I usually don’t prefer movie nights but i am glad that we didn’t postponed seeing the movie because i was lazy going to the cinema when it’s getting dark outside. ohoho

I read the book 2 years ago and thought that a movie adaptation might get messy but having watched it last night proved me wrong. I actually rated it 3 stars because i much as i remember, i got bored in the middle and the whole arena doesn’t really built inside my head and had a quite hard time perceiving such place. Maybe because it doesn’t quite built well into words and maybe Collins did some wrong things there or whatever. But, in the end i finished it, and started Catching fire which i gave a book rating of 5! I loved the second book. It comprises action- so maybe in the beginning(book1), i was actually looking for it which had been fulfilled by book 2.

Anyways, the movie was good. If you have time and you open tumblr, they were a lot of hunger games addiction going on, let it be casts, books, characters, goodies and movie gifs. It’s actually pretty amazing but it’s time to move on. 😉

One thing I honestly learned about books and movies.. well, mostly from books, it’s just that at the end of the day, at the end of its end.. you’ll just have to move on and love the story and the magic ’til the end but never revolve it all over your head and your life. The fiction goes endless as the mind is limitless, but be sure to grasp a strong hold of reality and stay with it. Anyways.. dystopian always rock!

HOho… with this and that…

this is my sister's ticket, i looked for my own but i can't find anywhere.. anyways..

happy hunger games!


*fave HG scene: (spoiler)

-a parachute land, Katniss opens it with some rub-on medicine inside for Peeta with a note from Haymitch saying:  “You call that a kiss?” – H