Okay, i started typing the title as ‘the man who clamps‘, *laughs*..i guess I’m not that good in typing this night. Anyways, this is the story of how my 21-year-old self actually found herself inside the cinema with my hoodie’s head on as I waited for “The Loraxmovie showing.

That was yesterday. I had my dentist appointment at 10:30 am with my mom and I was really expecting to go back home afterwards as I had no intention of going somewhere. Being all boring and all, as I still waited for the spring to come, I want still to read some ebooks at the comfort of my couch, bed’s left side, dining chair, or to wherever space available. But, as  some weird things started to as unexpected one, my mom said that i can go to see a movie(with my sisters). I haven’t had any movie-watching since the day I watched Underworld:Awakening which was a pretty good movie to watch that time and was from a pretty good long time. So after we fetched and waited for my sisters to get ready(took them 40 waiting-like-forever moments), we cruised down to the mall. It was pretty cool thing to do, as we just sit their inside the car while my mom was driving.  Not that we were naturally quiet persons that something like this is an ordinary scene for us, but at some point while taking a left turn.. my sister suddenly blurted out to my mother that their was a woman still walking at the pedestrian. We haven’t had any accident that time, but we just laughed at her because she acted a little paranoid. I can’t blame her either because she just doesn’t trust my mom’s way of driving– which is acceptable because she’s still a new driver.

We got inside the mall, started scanning some things each store and my sister bought her new shoes and we went to the Rainbow cinema to look for a good movie to watch. I don’t know why they came out selecting a children’s movie but an hour later after we had some coffee while waiting for the time to pass for it’s playing time, i was with a lot of kids and parents, and some elders, having a hard time warming myself from either embarrassment or it’s just the cold room of cinema. *laughs* It could have been 21 Jump Street or even The Journey 2(even if i haven’t watched the first movie), but somehow i was in awe and shaking my head as I watched “The Lorax” unfolding with some  silly and odd-looking trees in the screen.

Before that, we selected the very back seat at the right of that small cinema because it’s our favorite seat when watching. We waited as people occupies the seats which either  kids or kid-at-heart.. and parents who really love their kids. Oh, and then.. there was us. Mind you, I’m 21, my second sister is 20 and the youngest one is 18, so the hell  why I was on cinema 2 watching the little boy voiced by Zac Efron(who doesn’t even sing a song) courting his  crush voiced by Taylor Swift(yes, she doesn’t even sang any song either),  i don’t know?!

Mind you, I watched anime and manga and all, and that my sisters wasn’t able to even  watched an anime and actually finished.. but the experience was odd. I don’t hate it either, it’s just not my thing. So where was this going, and when is the title ‘the man who claps’ enters.. well, it just came out of nowhere, i don’t know why either. Let’s be clear, while ‘The Lorax’ was playing, about 15 minutes after, there was this old man.. 50 years or older suddenly claps as the community in the story just finished dancing their graceful and funny scenes. He clapped his hands like 8 claps a seat and then stopped as he was mesmerized by this cartoon filming before our very eyes. Oh well, i just got curious. *lol* As the kids doesn’t even clap or say ‘yehey’ and all the kid-related gestures, this man’s like he has been doing this movie watching for awhile. I glanced at his sides(which was in the center row of the cinema seats), and he was alone without any kids–or even friends beside him. My sisters also noticed the gesture and just shrugged their shoulders and smiled.

I had the opportunity to count how many set of claps he did(yes, out of fascination and maybe my rare curiosity strikes) and if I’m not mistaken, he did  like 5 surprising and adult-turning claps and add 1 more after the the movie ended. I later thought that maybe he has the hobby of  watching any Disney, or Dr. Seuss stories.. or any other kid’s movies and have so much fond watching them. ;))

Oh man.. it’s good to be kid. It’s good to feel like a kid. The thought of having some kids in the future gives me the expectation that maybe.. in the future I will come to appreciate such movies other than shoujo manga or action anime(like Naruto and all) every Saturdays as i spend it with my future kinds as if it is like the most natural thing to do in the world.

And as for me, I terribly believe how important time were and I think that being a kid is the best thing in the world. Best feeling in the world.

from a kid-at-heart,