Alert!Alert! NCIS fan here! Alert!

Last monday, i watched NCIS 200th episode(oh Canada, i love you.. you were a day earlier streaming the program). I loved the episode and will love the whole show until it ends. I don’t know how I am gonna react when that day will finally come. It’s been years. If every Monday or Tuesday I won’t see Gibbs‘s gut-solving skill, fiery Ziva’s bravery  and softness, Wacky and Lover-boy Dinozzo, Ducky‘s stories, Palmer’s awkward moments, Abby‘s forensic skills and Caf-Pow obsession, and my crush, Mcgee‘s computer skills and kindness — every night would be incomplete.

It’s already friday. I watched it, and of course! you too, NCIS fan watched it last Monday(or Tuesday) and still.. when I open my tumblr some of my favorite NCIS bloggers and fans, can’t get enough of that episode. I am, too.

It’s like.. the question of that episode still lingers. It’s as if it’s not only Gibbs who would want to answer the question that night. A series of what ifs, many flashes of memories  and some of our favorite characters were back. But one thing is for sure, if Gibbs’s wanted and did the other way around..we couldn’t be more in-love with the series than now. We couldn’t..

  • and wouldn’t have known Ziva. She might still be a Mossad officer not who will never fight–even if she’s one brave woman– for what she thought is right, for what she believes in, for what she wants.. never fight her father.
  • and wouldn’t have known Leon Vance. The toothpick munch-er director who’s manly skills can tolerate Gibbs and leave him speechless(well.. more speechless..)
  • Or maybe.. I guess we would never know. I guess different circumstances and events will take place. But.. knowing all things said and done, knowing it just aired it’s 200th episode, I’m gonna affirm Gibbs’s final say, —- we wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

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from an NCIS fan,