okay.. this got to be positive right?! ohoho.. this is.  behold and read my life pleasures!

  • a bed — thank God for bed! it’s – 13 here and dropping but still lucky enough to lie on a warm comfy heavenly bed.
  • books — thank God for them! every month i always read and finish books that give me adventures and wisdom.
  • coffee — instant or brew, i can live with it!
  • internet — the love of my life, my guilty pleasure, my sin (laughs)
  • followers — does it mean, i’m a leader?! (ohoho)
  • family — stay with me, okay?
  • friends — I’ve chosen you all, very few but all are true
  • headphones — my medium to my own world
  • e-reader — i want you to love me forever, stay good
  • manga books — thank God for manga and anime, i can still be a kid
  • tumblr — my favorite website, don’t change
  • soya milks — i love them. i can drink them without water.
  • last, life — even if it sucks sometimes, even if it’s unfair sometimes.. i can live with it.. still can.

😉 cyndi.

doing: going to sleep. it’s fuckin’ 3 am!