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As i recall  some of my life moments to share some of them in this blog, i am really proud how my subconscious mind remains subconscious and calm(*yey!). I really don’t want to remember any unnecessary and shameful ones that will leave me squirming after i recall them. 😉 It’s not the right time to tell about it. They will just have to wait, i will list them all in a post some other day.  So for now, i decided to talk about my first job. It was really

unforgettable and rewarding.

When I was in high school, I already knew what will i take up. It was really neither what i want nor what i hate. It was my parent’s choice i took for granted. Anyways, i thought that if i have to enroll Nursing, it’s nice to work  in a nursing home someday. Because, places like that made me appreciate life. Residents like elders, makes me more kind, makes me more humble.

To cut the story short, we migrated before i graduated and i work straight from a nursing home. At first, i really don’t know how i got there. It was something I’ve prayed once or twice and just smiled with it. The next thing i know, i was a part-time caregiver taking care of an 85-year-old man who have a habit of walking. Let us name him ‘grandpa’. I should be there Saturdays and Sundays at 3 to 11 pm. I started as a replacement whenever my aunt have an appointment or if she is  sick. So I said yes, quite anxious back then because I don’t have any experience working. I had been with my school books and friends

when I was still a student and working didn’t even crosses my mind for about 5 seconds or longer. I had nursing affiliations and bedside care duties only. But, nevertheless, i affirmed and took good care of the old guy.

He really likes walking. With his walker, he will start from 5 pm to 10 pm. I have to walk with him all the time. I am impressed how did he got all the strength. I had been walking and have to rest once in a while because walking without any destination seems a lot more tiring. It’s a little boring they say and my perspective of boring is with the people i didn’t want around me or having to stay at home without holding a book or ereader. 

Fortunately, i really like this old guy so being boring is not all that a big deal. When i knew that he walk a little groggy and tired, he have to find a chair somewhere and it’s nice to have them in between the rooms. He will patrol the hallway from the right going to the left again after a 5-minute sit in the butt. He will say incomprehensible words because he’s from Slovakia(i think). He talks a little English so i was really having a have at first. But, days come and.. it’s like taking an adventure with him. He doesn’t say much at times(i don’t also..), maybe because he’s tired but one time, i feel like he’s telling me a story. His story. About her wife, or her son and daughters and grandchildren..maybe. I let him do the talking, even if i only heard hums and mums and alien words i believed he’s saying.

Can you really get to know what the type of person is someone when you didn’t understand what he’s talking? For me at first, of course, i  couldn’t. The next strategy was, I observed. The room. Like all other rooms, it’s a really cozy one. It’s really because they were cleaned everyday by the janitors and kept it homey as possible. The thing is, I can’t tell about him from his room setting because he doesn’t like it much. He doesn’t stays there and try to avoid it. The only place he came to not like. All thanks to the photos and the frames that his daughter beautifully arranged. It was like, his life has been presented in front of my very eyes. The walls are full of framed photos of his family and friends. His life was taken crystal clear. And all I saw.. was a good person, a good husband, a good father and a good man. From that time, I respected him more. I’ve come to know a person worth caring for.

Some days, it’s not as good and it’s still okay. It was a long commute going to the place. I had to walk a street after that. I had so much time thinking what my plans are during the walking. Starting from.. quitting. I got all the things to do from my first two weeks. I have to feed grandpa, I have to check his pants (but. I’m not the one to change his diapers because a nursing assistance will do that), i have to give medicines(help the nurse) and i have to stay with him. In short, I am there to accompany him. Yes, quitting somewhat mixed up in my mind sometimes, but i gave it a try every day and brought a lot of my packed patience. That’s when.. i had come to love him more.. and all the elders with him.

Just taking the bus starts the adventure. Sometimes, I got to be beside a young highschool boy who were excited to go home or to his part-time job. Sometimes, the bus got too many passengers, that i have to stand up beside the door. No worries about all of that. I think of it being cool sometimes(that’s what i feels *laughs*) Ahm.. did I say, I was only 19 years-old back then? It was on 2009. One Korean(i think) nurse said that i am so young and he told me  about him working on a part-time job with the salary of 5 dollars per hour back his time. He’s really kind. He always greets me when I walk through the door and smiles at me. He even offered me a ride home one time.

After riding a bus, I have to walk some more to get inside the  pillars of the nursing home. I like walking, but at some point, walking in winter does takes  so much effort. Anyways, I enjoy walking on spring and fall. I walk carefree and sing but alert enough to notice if someone is in my back because i don’t want someone to hear my voice and think I’m crazy. *laughs* My singing voice should be staying only on showers, you know. I don’t need some agents coming after me and all that. (hehe.. just kidding)

The thing is, sometimes, it’s not really your day. Like, your nurse crush was unfortunately absent, grandpa doesn’t eat much or doesn’t wanna go to sleep yet. At those times, I have to keep my cool and sigh. Anyways.. it’s the job I”m always thinking. I have to make every duty hours as fulfilling as possible, as rewarding as possible. So even though, i don’t have a chance to flash my killer smile to the nurse hottie next station(*chuckles*), i just have to remember that there will be another day!!! (hohoho)

One day, it was a beautiful spring day that i decided to take tall old grandpa for a walk outside. I assisted him to sit on a bench for him to get rest. Few minutes ago, there were this old couple who decided to go for a walk. I observed that the husband(who i guess, visits his wife everyday) carefully pushing his wife who sat in a wheelchair. The guy was smiling and patiently calming his wife who was somewhat crying and anxious.

I had to calm myself from crying because that was i really wanted to see in a nursing home. I don’t have a strong heart to observe an old woman sitting in her wheelchair alone.  I want to see them in couples. I know, it’s not really a common situation there, but having to see one gave me a lot of hope they didn’t even knew. At that very moment, i planned every love-related things. I began to believe that true love really exists and lasts. That, in this time.. we have to at least come out, sit in a bench and observe. We have to keep that hope rollin, that there will also be someone who will be beside you until you both die. Someone who will push your wheelchair, incredibly strong enough to take you for a walk, calm your nerves when you’re a mess, wipe your tears and smile for you as if you two have a lifetime to waste. The husband saw me smiling, he smiled back and said ‘hi’.

He continued to be beside her and the act made me really envious. They were soul mates. In this world, the moment you meet yours, be ready to stay with him forever and never let him go. Even when you both grew old with silver hairs and long-wrinkled foreheads. It was something, i came a crossed to.. and the next time you see an old couple down the street, whisper a little prayer for yours to come soon too. So when you get older and all you can do is sit on the bench or in your wheelchair, you’ll have someone to smile with and girls to inspire.



*i have more stories about grandpa but I’ll tell more about it next time..

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