Saying goodbye.

If I would have to name a thing that I’m okay to say goodbye with, – which is I’m a true sucker at – it would have to be the fact of ending a year again and starting a new one. Who doesn’t want to start  and do a lot better? Besides, thinking about welcoming 2012 is like taking bigger chances, having different and new choices and filling higher hopes. Ending 2011 and ending it well will be as good as finishing a book you were reading – a little broken-hearted but fulfilling.  It’s like having to finish a paragraph you had given all your feelings in each of its sentences. It’s like having to stop a walk after school.. very tiring and yet, relieving.

Achieved and Perceived.

Graduated. If you happen to graduate this year, it should be because you made your best. And maybe because, it’s about time! A student having the chance to graduate is like a sadistic fact of slapping that small piece of diploma paper to your parents, because.. they’ll be able to love it! *laughs*

– I started loving more the hobby of reading books. This is the thing I am really  proud of. I read more books. I appreciated both novels written in hard/soft cover and electronic books. It doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re reading. The only disadvantage it influenced me was that.. i started being in-love more to the fictional characters rather than to some people who doesn’t even know John Green or people who turns right when the library/bookstore is in their left *chuckles*. This last Boxing Day I went to the mall and I was really excited having to look and buy things that were on sale. Having to leave, carrying hard-bound books 30% off! While some people lined for their favorite stores to open up and get ready to fight for their lives and the lives of the dresses they wanted to fight for, I’m standing with every corners of every shelves in the bookstore with two big anime eyes twinkling and sparkling.  I am really looking forward to all the 2012 book releases and to my room having the old scents of stocked books aging in time and the new ones waiting for my eyes to grasp.

– Places have gone to and to go. Baguio, Manila, Toronto.

– Went to Philippines(Oct 2010) and back in Canada(July 2011). Alone. For the first time. It was something i really wanted to experience. And, it came true. That’s 16 hours to and 16 hours fro. But having to look back again, i hope in 2012, I’ll be travelling with my sisters or my best friend. I hope that’s the first and the last. *laughs* Besides, 2 or 3 people is a lot better. It’s just that, having to experience once alone  is like looking, meeting and talking with yourself and being lost not in gates but in thoughts and finding the ways not isles but in refreshed dreams and airplane washroom (lol).


  • Continue dreaming. Dream more dreams and be ready to chase them.
  • Continue loving. Continue building  more strengthen friendship pillars, powerful family ties and longer lasting true love relationships.
  • Continue doing your chores – household. I know, i know.. you hate them. But, it’s always been there and believe me.. it will never, never be stopped! *devil laugh*
  • Continue watering the plants and that small you-don’t-know-the-name-because-all-trees-started-with-tiny-oval-yellow-green-colored-leaves sprout, because time really do fly fast. So fast that.. maybe the next time you decided to read with a tea on hand and look at your window, you’ll be surprise how a red tree(yeah.. it’s a maple one) came into life at the backyard in a fall season.
  • Continue to smile. Sometimes.. well, i think most of the times, it’s half a battle. Also, you never know when the right one comes along(sounds like a song lyric phrase.. ek). Better be armed!
  • Continue to pray. Nothing beats prayers. If smiling is not good enough, maybe you’re missing something.. or Someone.
  • Continue to read. Read. Read. Read. Butt on chair and read. If you have Finals this week, start reading! That’s the only way to pass. Accept it.
  • Continue being simple. Continue being kind. It will bounce back. I promise. And.. yeah, don’t make promises. (no.. just kidding..)
  • Last.. oopss, I said CONTINUE!

*mwah! Happy New Year!!!!!

– cyndi