Halo! A night before last night, I chatted with my best friend in facebook. We are miles away so we spoke about each of every little things that popped out in our minds. You name it. It’s just how it goes. *smirks* I miss her so much that i still recall some of our topics back then. I thought of sharing some things to you because some might be curious how best friends think, react, speaks and even curse.. and you might learn (well.. except, the curse part).

They say, in friends there are two types, the dependent type-who say ‘yes’ most of the time but stays home when she wanted, read books, and shut herself inside the room from outside living forces(laughs),  and the emotional, enthusiastic one who wanted to go anywhere and talks about almost everything. Well..no, I just made that up, I categorized it myself (hoho). It’s just fits the two of us. Generally speaking, a person should at least have a friend who can see his goodness and the bad, when other people around can’t see. A person who will laugh at you when other people think that there is no laughing matter. A girl or boy who can see every lie, every smile, every smirks and every tear.

It’s so funny how she doesn’t even know what a ‘convo‘ means?! Which is apparently, a short-term for conversation and which is accidentally, was what we were doing that time. Sometimes, it gets you thinking, how awkward are you with each other in times you didn’t expect and will leave you smiling no matter what.

Love. Oh, shoot. Here we go again. But before I’m gonna tell about it, don’t worry.. if you are wondering if I got any permission about telling this to the internet world, i am sure it’s okay with her as long as I didn’t fathom any names or situations unacceptable. I know, she won’t mind. As a matter-of-fact, when we were in college, she even asked me to write her biography! *laughs*,  which proved I earned a fair enough of her trust. Anyways, both of us were open about this topic. Well, it’s kinda all about her love life while I just sits because in the first place, i don’t have one. And believe me, she will be awkwardly quiet when all I’m going to talk about is how someone told me I write like Ernest Hemingway(cut the drunk part) or how I got lady boner when Ian Somerhalder  is shirtless in Vampire Diaries or how amazingly cute Logan Lerman is (hoho).

She was brokenhearted. That’s the gist of it. The night was all about the “X” she can’t even start to unfriend in facebook. Which, is the very first thing you can do if the situation will present itself. She even managed to think how a DJ can help her about her problem. It was something I didn’t even expect, or cross in my mind. Oh well.. it’s not a bad thing to do though.

But, let’s say I’m the radio DJ, and I happen to have a caller with that problem, being rational and all.. I’ll say..(might be of help if you happen to be one; i also said some of these advice to BEstF)

“Miss caller, you are beautiful in many ways. All people of course, well not always see that. You are broken-hearted, you say? So what? Is it even a big deal? why? Because, the moment when all the pain is gone, you’ll realize how things work out for you. How things really fell into place, into your side. Because.. maybe He’s not the one. Maybe, someone’s better than him, someone who cannot bear to say ‘Goodbye’ or even think of it when he’s with you. But for now, i know it’s hard.. but you’ll have to cut yourself some slack and don’t think that it’s all your fault. You have to accept things as they had been. So the next time you fall in love, you didn’t have to find it with whom, you’ll just know.”

So, being a shrink and all that.. that’s basically the night talk with her.

Merry Christmas!

– cyndi