hi guys. I open this page rarely and it is so nice that sometimes you found yourself having the inspiration to write again with so much thoughts in mind. I started this blog being all like tabloid-sense having Shamcey Supsup on the first post. It was all opinionated and personal, but it looks like a post from ‘the buzz’ or something. *laughs* I guess, this time I’m taking it nice and slow and start with an introduction about my self. Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick. 😉 This might gonna bore you but without having a family member by my side to stop me and I’m home alone,  I’m gonna start anyway.

I’m 21. They say when you’re a young adult like this age, there will be so much things to prove not only to others but to yourself. I’m experiencing that stage now and believe me, it is so hard even if i don’t really like all that proving and pressuring. it’s how it goes. teenagers may tend not to think it yet but when you’re socially older and mature enough to choose your degree in college, there will be a time maybe at night, or noon or any time of day when you’re alone, when you’ll be thinking about what you want to do in life.  what you really wanted to do in life.

I had a degree in Nursing. Oh, yeah.. i know.. it’s in demand. Well, honestly, i really don’t like Nursing much. And before i knew it, i’m on the second year and it’s not me to back out from everything  i started so here we go, already graduated. and passed. but, there’s no more things to say.

Physically, I’m 5’1. A typical Filipina height and with a Filipina heart. I’m in Canada now but trying to stick with my culture and all.

Likes? And now we’re talking! *smirks* I’m simple. So, when you say, book? I’ll scream ‘MANY!’ When you say tv show, I’ll nod repeatedly and say, ‘NCIS’ and when you say season, I’ll say ‘fall.’ These are some of the things I’ll be sharing  for the next future posts. About love? eyyyy… let’s screw love. screw it. *laughs* But if you wanna ask me about love, feel free. I’m a certified shrink, at least to my best friend for less than 10 years now.  my work, is having her cry over my shoulder because of her relationships she was on and moved on, yeah.. you know the drill. i did all the talking and those ‘I’ll kill that man’ statements. Never gets old. Take it from me.  No, seriously, maybe because i’m rational in terms of love than her. We understand each other so that’s how it goes. Let’s call her ‘BestF‘.

I told you that i finished Nursing, right? Feel free to ask about diseases and all. (nod, nod) Even though I’m not the perfect professional to ask what you have or haven’t, I diagnose through Nursing Diagnoses. And I’ll give some bedside interventions before going to the doctor. Sometime in the future, I’ll give you tips on how to ask and what to ask if you find yourself facing a doctor. huh? sounds fun, right? People tend to misunderstand diseases/complications because they don’t ask the right questions. 😉

I told you that i love manga and anime. Until now and maybe for forever. I’m a kid at heart. I still think there will be a bishounen who is right for me and right for you-everyone of you. I’ll be confessing by saying I have a blog in tumblr with all that manga and anime posts and with 1000+ followers. they are all crazy and i think they are all cool. i love them to death.

Society, Business and Showbusiness-wise.. i’ll be talking about them also. Maybe i’ll be fangirling about my celebrity crushes Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder or Johnny Depp, or in local, Erwan Heusaff, Paolo Avelino and Diether Ocampo. My celebrity girl crushes definitely will have my space which includes Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and Rachel Mcadams. But I think I’ll pass talking about them now, i respect their privacy and I’m a type of  viewer who can’t keep smiling when they are on tv  and that’s it-not really the crazy fan who’s gonna make some letters for them or something like that.

Mainly, I’ll be talking about books! I have an account in goodreads so i’ll take some of my reviews from there. Did you know Samantha Sotto? I totally love her and her book, Before Ever After(the very first book that made me cry). She replied to me in twitter twice and i had a twitgasm. *lol* Anyways, i am into dystopian-type of story  setting so books like Crossed(by Ally Condie) and Delirium(by Lauren Oliver) are some my faves. Nicholas Sparks, you say? I’m sorry. I’m totally not buying his books. Or at least, not now. Phillip Pullman is one of the best I think, together with Stephen King.

Food? who doesn’t want food?! I terribly believe in discipline when eating meals. i’m a little chubby, but i’ll manage. *lol* i don’t like much fruits, sorry about that. but i love vegetables. i don’t like sweet chocolates and prefer dark ones. i love food blogs.

Lastly, i totally love reading and writing blogs with good vibes!  Maybe next time, i’ll be talking about my dish washing experience, day-dreaming adventure or mall strolls-simple things like that. I don’t want to complicate things because if you happen to come across my blog, i want you to be happy thinking about simple pleasures. i want you to totally feel this blog as worth to read and at the end will make you smile.

Good tidings!


doing: saying hi.

*at some of my posts, you’ll be seeing manga cropped posts like this one above.  i have a heart for this. so..